MK V Experience

Our Current MK V Experience Graduates

CPT Terrence N. TysallTNT Hero

Lindy Arbucklelindy Hero

Jake Emmert Jake hero

LT Marc Weekly Marc hero

Taylor Hennessey taylor hero

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Amanda Fay amanda hero

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The TAMUG Dive program has been fortunate enough to partner up with Paul Schenk and his team to start a new program in which TAMUG divers gain the knowledge and experience to dive and help support dive operations in a historic MARK V diving helmet. view port

On March 3rd, Paul and David Bonett came down to test the equipment and to train three members of our staff, Terrence Tysall, Lindy Arbuckle, and Jake Emmert. On March 23 and 24th Paul and his team will be returning to train additional TAMUG Divers so that we will have enough trained personnel to begin offering this experience to students at the university on a regular basis, as well as to begin taking the MARK V out into the public for demonstrations of this unique piece of history.dressing the diver

On March 23-24, Paul Schenk, Casey Bartee, and Dennis Vice Jr. returned to Galveston to train 6 A&M students in setting up and running a surface supply dive side, dressing and tending a MK V diver and finally diving a MK V.

MK V group photo

Our students were put into a rotation in which they learned how to man all duty station essential to successfully and safely operating a MK V diving helmet.

Front Tender
Rear Tender
Rack Man
Charts and Logs
Dive Supervisor

 UDT boys

jocking the divercomms
We hope to keep the MK V Experience active in two different ways. The first of which is to continue to offer the MK V class to allow other dive enthusiasts to experience this unique opportunity. The second is to begin demonstrations for the public.

hatting the diver

We would like to give a special thanks for the support Paul Schenk and his team has given our dive program!

diver to the side
If you are interested in participating please contact the Dive Locker staff.