SCUBA Education Adventures Living Learning Community

The S.E.A. Community is a group of dedicated, outgoing and adventurous students who are committed to diving and outdoor activities. These students are enrolled in a SCUBA course in their first  semester with the goal of obtaining the Diving Technology and Methods Minor or becoming a NAUI Divemaster. In addition to classroom training, students participate in activities and trips that promote education through hands-on learning. Students are encouraged to learn all facets of diving, from equipment repair and maintenance, compressor and fill station operations, and utilization of different dive systems for different dive environments. These up-and-coming divers also learn and practice the crucial fundamentals of contributing to their community through service projects.

Mission Statement:

The mission of S.E.A. is to enhance the experience of students through comprehensive training, education and service. Through dedication and hard work, S.E.A. will create leaders in both the University and the world.

For a student perspective on the S.E.A. community please read the following passage from Jill Thompson-Grim.

Jill Thompson-grimI have had a fascination for the ocean and the creatures that live in the sea since I was young.  In fact, when I was a little girl, my parents would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and my answer was always the same: a mermaid.  I was captivated by ocean and wanted to know more about the organisms that lived in the sea.  I thought being a mermaid would give me the opportunity to get to know what was going on in the water.  Now that I am older and know that being a mermaid is not likely to happen, I realize that the next best thing is being a marine biologist and focusing on conservation in the ocean.  I wanted to be in the S.E.A. Learning Community because I knew that the program would provide me with the skills and certifications that I needed to be a scientific research diver.

The first person that I was introduced to when I was learning about the S.E.A. learning community was Vianne.  Vianne told me about the S.E.A. program and all the certifications that I would gain from being a part of the learning community, and she also told me about what she has done with her career in diving.  While I was listening to her stories I knew that I wanted to have a job like hers.  I wanted to go to the places that she was telling me about and see the organisms that she was describing.  I knew that the S.E.A. learning community was the ticket to getting me on the same path so that I too could work as a research diver for NOAA.  During my time spent in the dive locker I also felt a sense of kindness and homeliness.  Throughout my time spent in S.E.A. the emphasis on community has been astounding.  All of the Aggies who are a part of the Texas A&M Dive Program are supportive of each other and want to help other people succeed.  The dive master candidates have been welcoming to all of the new divers who are coming in through the S.E.A. community.  They have offered to take us skin diving and we have all gotten together and had a movie night.  I feel at home with the people in the dive program and I am thankful for the opportunities that the S.E.A. Learning Community has given me. In fact, the other day Vianne was driving another person in S.E.A. and me around campus and we ran into someone who works on the NOAA research ship that docks in the boat basin.  The NOAA researcher gave us a tour of the vessel and told us some of the work that they do on their ship.  I cannot wait to take the scientific diving class so that the next time I board the NOAA boat again I can be doing research for NOAA.

The S.E.A. Learning Community has already exposed me to things that I would not have known were possible without the influence of faculty  and the dive masters.  I am thankful to be a part of a program that will help me minor and diving and reach my goals of being a scientific diver and hopefully a dive master.

-Jill Thompson-Grim