Elco Koks

Elco Koks has been employed at the Institute of Environmental Studies since February 2012. He is currently a researcher and lecturer within the Water and Climate Risk group, where his research focuses on flood risk, disaster impact modelling, critical infrastructure and extreme weather.

One of his specialties is the modelling of the economy-wide consequences of disasters on both a regional and interregional level, with a specific focus on industrial areas and critical infrastructure. In addition, one of the key elements in his research is to connect widely applied biophysical models to macroeconomic disaster impact models. Such integrated frameworks allow for better evaluation of both current and future disaster risk, and are of significant value in assessing the effects of disaster risk reduction measures and climate adaptation strategies. In the future, one of his main research focuses will be the behavior of businesses after a disaster and how this can be incorporated into disaster impact models. Besides, in the future he will also focus more on the consequences of extreme weather events, such as wind, extreme rainfall and hail storms.

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