October 2014

The Coastal Geo-Spatial Laboratory has now been established at the Texas A&M University-Galveston campus. The Lab is meant to facilitate interdisciplinary work on the marine and coastal environment, support the growing interest in spatial analysis, and spark future innovation in understanding coastal/marine problems. The Lab is open to anyone working on a project that involves the analysis of spatial (e.g. GIS) data. It will also support existing research initiatives, including the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores and the Institute for Sustainable Coastal Communities. 

The Lab consists of four stand-alone work stations with Geographic Information Systems and other spatial analytical software, plus an area where small groups can work together.  In addition, users of the facility can access a server hosting a warehouse of spatial data, both physical and socioeconomic, on the Texas coast.

For more information, or to use the Coastal Geo-Spatial Lab, please contact Wesley Highfield ( or Sherry Parker (

May 2014

Joshua Gunn joins Texas Sea Grant as new Extension Program Leader. He will also be working with the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores as a liason between Sea Grant and CTBS.

April 2014

Colonel Len Waterworth joins the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores as a Senior Research Associate.


August 2013

Sequoia Riley, Jake Emmert, and Nick West become part of the CTBS team.

Dr. Sam Brody, Dr. Wesley Highfield, Dr. Bill Merrell, Morgan Wilson, Nick Souza, and Alexandra Stiles attend the ARCADIS Barrier Visit in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

July 2013

Dr. Sam Brody, Dr. Wesley Highfield, Russell Blessing, Patrick Doty, Morgan Wilson and Alexandra Stiles participate in the Flood Risk Reduction Colloquium with Delft University, Netherlands in Delft, Netherlands.

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June 2013

Morgan Wilson is now a graduate researcher for the team. 


June 2012

Morgan Wilson joins the team as an undergraduate researcher.

Alexandra Stiles and Patrick Doty are now graduate researchers for the team.


November 2011

Alexandra Stiles joins the team as an undergraduate researcher.

April 2011

  • New Book - "Rising Waters: The Causes and Consequences of Flooding in the United States" by CTBS Director Dr. Sam Brody and Associate Director Dr. Wesley Highfield becomes available for order
 Book cover for Rising Waters 
  • Patrick Doty, Kevin Crosby, and Logan Harrell join the team as undergraduate researchers

January 2011

  • Russell Blessing and Hee Ju Kim join team as graduate research assistants


September 2010


November 18, 2009

November 2009

  • Jennifer Feagins joins team as undergraduate research assistant and NSF REU.

September 2009

August 2009



July 9, 2007

May 10, 2007

  • Bill Merrell, Bill Seitz and Tanveer Islam from the CTBS participated in the annual Texas Hurricane Conference organized by the Governor's Division of Emergency Management (DEM) held at the Galveston Island Convention Center from 8-10 May, 2007. A 90-minute workshop entitled "Galveston Future: Developing a Disaster Resilient Community" was presented by Dr. Merrell on behalf of the CTBS.

May 8, 2007 


April 2006

  • Dr. Merrell heads up the first Center for Texas Beaches and Shores business meeting.

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