Cities Can Alter Hurricanes, Intensifying Their Rainfall
- Study shows Houston’s urban landscape may have physically changed Hurricane Harvey’s structure

Life in the Flood Zone: Houston's Fight to Survive After the Storm of the Century

Report shows dangers of urban flooding

UMD, TAMU Report: Nationwide Urban Flooding Disrupts Local Economies, Public Safety, And Housing Equity

Report: Urban flooding posing national economic issues

Texas A&M joint report warns of increasing urban flooding

Texas A&M report says big changes needed to address urban flooding

Urban Flooding Called Nation’s Great ‘Hidden Challenge’ in New Report

Texas A&M Capstone Project - Beach Nourishment

Ike Dike To The Rescue
- A proposed plan by two Texas A&M University at Galveston researchers could prevent billions in hurricane damage.

Galveston Bay Foundation
- Galveston Bay Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1987 under the laws of the State of Texas. The Foundation is involved in addressing issues and concerns related to Galveston Bay.

Delft University
- Delft University's expertise on engineering and Texas A&M University-Galveston's expertise on flood mitigation allows for the two institutions to collaborate and provide Galveston Island with the most optimal choice in flood mitigation.

Texas Coastal Watershed Program
- The Texas Coastal Watershed Program focuses on education and outreach to local governments and citizens about the impacts of land use on watershed health and water quality.

 Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center: College of Architecture Texas A&M University
- The Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center (HRRC) was established at Texas A&M University in 1988. HRRC researchers focus on hazard analysis, emergency preparedness and response, disaster recovery, and hazard mitigation. Researchers study the full range of natural disasters and technological hazards.

Houston Advanced Research Center
- Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving human and ecosystem through the application of sustainability science and principles of sustainable development.

Environmental Planning and Sustainability Research Unit
- The Environmental Planning and Sustainability Research Unit (EPSRU) is the newest initiative of the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center at Texas A&M University. We are an interdisciplinary research facility focused on understanding the interaction between physical development and maintaining the integrity of ecological systems over the long term

City of Galveston
- Official website of the City of Galveston

Coastal Community Planning Atlas - An Internet-based spatial decision support system that allows users to identify and visualize critical hotspots related to environmental degradation, natural hazard risks, and significant changes in land use patterns.

Fox 26 Interview
- A&M flooding expert says dioxin dump is a clear danger

Univision Article
- Houston and its double threat of severe flooding

Voice of America Article
- Flood Threat in Houston is One Faced Around the World

ABC 13 Interview

BAHEP Meeting with Netherlands Ambassador Henne Schuwer

Dr. Gerry Galloway’s Presentation

Houston Public Media Article
- How To Avoid Future Houston Flooding Crises? Build Higher And Away From Bayous

CBS News Interview
- As Texas waters continue to rise, so do the damage estimates

CNBC Article
- Houston flood damage: chronic, expensive, and avoidable

Marketplace Article
- Why Houston keeps flooding

Science AMA Series
- Dr. Stuart Carlton discussing climate change on Reddit's recent AMA.

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