About Aggie Crew

Spring 2008 - Our New Home!

The Aggie Crew has come home! Over the past ten years we have housed our shells at many different locations. Fortunately over the past year the administration here at TAMUG, along with the efforts of Aggie Crew, have created a facility that we are now able to call our very own. The 40 x 80 foot facility features two 10 foot roll-up garage doors with one located on the waterside of the building leading to our docks, and the other on the backside of the building. Due to the commitment of TAMUG, the building now has electricity. We've even been promised running water for washing in the future. The team plans to build racks in the building for our shells. 

rowing crew building center 2 rowing crew building 3
rowing crew building 5 Rowing crew building 6