Apply to TMA

Apply to the University

You must apply to Texas A&M University at Galveston at If you are a License Option applicant, you must major in Marine Transportation, Marine Biology, Marine Engineering or Marine Sciences or any Graduate Studies-LO Program. NROTC applicants can major in anything they wish.

Apply to the Regiment

Submit a Regiment Application for the Texas A&M Maritime Academy License Option (LO) Program, the LO/SSOP Program, NROTC or Drill and Ceremonies. We cannot accept you into the Texas A&M Maritime Academy until you are first accepted to attend TAMUG.
Texas A&M Maritime Academy Midshipmen applicants also must submit an original birth certificate or a certified copy. And a copy of your Social Security card. These may be presented at O-Week.

Get a physical

Texas A&M Maritime Academy License Option Midshipmen have a different physical than NROTC. Make sure you fill out the correct Physical Form:

Do you need a TWIC card?

License Option Midshipmen need to complete the TWIC card process from the Transportation Security Administration. This is a "Transportation Worker Identification Credential." You must show up at O-Week with at least a receipt to show that you have applied for your TWIC.  NROTC applicants do not need a TWIC card.

Application Deadlines

  • The number of accepted Midshipmen in the Texas A&M Maritime Academy is limited. Although the deadline for applying is 15 August at 5 p.m. for the Fall 2015 semester, if the quota of accepted Midshipmen has been met at that time, enrollment may be closed. Meeting the deadline for admissions to the Regiment does not guarantee that enrollment can be offered.  

Submit Housing Application

All midshipmen are required to live in on-campus housing (unless approved for Victor Company). You must submit an on-line housing application and $300 deposit to be admitted to Regiment Housing. If you are not admitted to housing, you may not be permitted to participate in the Regiment of Midshipmen.

Midshipmen who meet the following criteria may apply to participate in Victor Company, which enables them to live off-campus. Midshipmen who meet these criteria will be considered for Victor Company, but approval is not automatic. Living on-campus is considered an integral part of the learning experience of the Regiment of Midshipmen. If you apply for Victor Company, please make sure you have been accepted before you make housing plans:

  • Married
  • 25 or older at the time of entering the TMA

The Process

You will be admitted or denied as quickly as possible when your application is complete. If you are admitted, you will receive a Regiment acceptance packet with more information (see Midshipman Orientation). If you have applied for Victor Company, please make sure you have been accepted before making housing plans.