WINTER TRAINING-AT-SEA INFORMATION (Posted 11 January 2018; Updated 18 February 2018)

The winter training-at-sea information below is intended for Cadets and parents.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PARTNERING/HOST ACADEMY with regards to Cadet training-at-sea.  Any and all questions regarding the information below should be directed to Ms. Tammy Lobaugh (Executive Director for Operations & Administration, Texas A&M Maritime Academy) via email (

Deployment information is available for the following:

Cadets deployed on any vessel are still subject to the rules of the Corps of Cadets, Texas A&M Maritime Academy, and Texas A&M University at Galveston IN ADDITION to the rules/policies/procedures for the training ship, host Academy, and/or host agency. A Cadet who is separated from deployment as a result of violating rules/policies/procedures for the training ship, host Academy, and/or host agency, will undergo the Corps/TAMMA/TAMUG discipline process upon their return.

Training Ship KENNEDY (Massachusetts Maritime Academy) (Updated 18 February 2018)

  • 18 February: The information below is for those Cadets currently onboard the Training Ship KENNEDY, who plan to complete one-week of maintenance with the Training Ship GENERAL RUDDER the week immediately following the end of the sea term. 

    • MAINTENANCE: Cadets who plan on completing one-week of maintenance on the GENERAL RUDDER will need to communicate (via email) their intention directly to the Captain of the Vessel (Captain Justin Pierson) and the Chief Mate (Chief Mate Jeremey DePaolo). Their email addresses are and depaoloj@tamug.eduThe communication must come from the Cadet via his/her University email. Both the Captain and the Chief Mate will work to schedule each Cadet for maintenance so that the hours can be documented. The Captain is willing to allow someone to start maintenance earlier than 4 March.

    • HOUSING: All Cadets returning from the KENNEDY and choosing to do one-week of maintenance on the GENERAL RUDDER will have the opportunity to stay on-campus (not necessarily TAMMA Hall), but will be charged the daily rate (under $50 per day--Please contact Residence Life to get the correct amount, which would then be added to the Cadet's fee statement for this semester). Housing on-campus at the daily rate is still much more affordable than a hotel off-campus. Cadets interested in living temporarily on campus (for no more than a week) to complete maintenance will need to contact Alex Crouse ( via email to let him know of their intention. The email must come directly from the Cadet through his/her University email.

    • MEALS: The daily rate only covers lodging. Cadets would be responsible for their own meals.

    • TRANSPORTATION: Cadets are reminded that transportation to/from the airport to/from campus is their own responsibility.

  • General Schedule: 

    • 8-11 January:  All Cadets Report

    • 12 January:  USCG Fire and Security Drills

    • 13 January:  Depart Buzzard's Bay

    • 26-28 January:  Cartagena, Colombia

    • 31 January:  Exam Day #1

    • 2-4 February:  Bridgetown, Barbados

    • 9-11 February:  Montego Bay, Jamaica

    • 16-18 February: Tampa, Florida

    • 23 February:  Exacm Day #2

    • 24 February:  Field Day at Cape Cod Bay

    • 25 February:  Arrive at Buzzard's Bay

  • Follow the Voyage

  • With regards to maintenance hours after training-at-sea, Cadets have the opportunity to work 40 hours of maintenance the following week (Monday-Friday). Housing is not provided; therefore, Cadets choosing this opportunity will need to find temporary housing (i.e., hotel) while completing maintenance hours. If a Cadet decides not to take on this opportunity, they will just be doubling their maintenance hours the following semester.