Texas A&M Maritime Academy Midshipman O-Week

The Fall 2016 O-Week begins on Sunday, 21 August. Please report to the Sea Aggie Center between noon and 1400 hrs. Please read the important message below for details. If you have any questions after reading information below, please call the Midshipman Training Officer, Maj Wayne Bertrand (Ret), at 409-741-4380. If you are admitted to TAMUG, and also admitted to join the Texas A&M Maritime Academy, you will receive a Corps Acceptance Packet. Some of the items in the Packet are as follows:


Fall Check-in is at the Sea Aggie Center between 1200 hrs (12 Noon) and 1400 hrs (2:00 PM) on Sunday, August 21st.  There will be drinks and snacks available, but no lunch, so feel free to have lunch in Galveston before you report for check-in.  At the Sea Aggie Center, we will collect any documents you did not send us earlier, such as passports, birth certificates, TWIC Cards, etc (we will make copies and give you back the originals for your safe keeping).

After checking in, midshipmen will head to the Housing Office and fill out their paperwork, pick up a key, and move out to the Corps Resident Halls to drop off suitcases and room furnishings.  Midshipmen are welcome  to bring almost anything except TVs and computer games.  Bear in mind that the less stuff they bring, the easier it is to keep their rooms clean and pass weekly inspections.  At a minimum they should bring a desk lamp, laundry supplies, personal hygiene supplies, school supplies, civilian clothes for the evenings and weekends, and bed linens.  That’s all they really need.  Everything else they can purchase on the island, or live without.  All freshmen are required to purchase a meal plan and to eat in the cafeteria the first year.  This is so you know they are getting plenty to eat, and eating healthy foods.

Computers:  Midshipmen can use the school’s computers if they don’t bring their own.  If you are going to purchase or bring a computer, I recommend a laptop, which is very popular with all students, and because it doesn’t take up much space in the residence hall rooms.  However, please make sure there are no games on their computer.  Midshipmen are not allowed to play internet games on the weekend or to relax during the week.  There isn’t enough time in the day for them to waste with computer games!

After they have set up their rooms, it’s time for haircuts, receiving uniforms, and for meeting other midshipmen.  Good luck with the new semester, and your membership in the Texas A&M Maritime Academy Corps of Midshipmen.

Very Respectfully,
Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Deputy Superintendent & Chief of Staff