Unit Training

Weekly Training

Training is conducted weekly at all levels of organization within the TAMUG NROTC/SSO unit. The U.S. Navy mandates a period of mandatory unit training once a week for midshipmen. Mandatory training, Leadership Lab, takes place Fridays from 0600 – 0800 every week. Leadership Lab is a non-credit course that students must register for prior to the beginning of each semester (ZOPT 100). This time may be utilized for multiple training evolutions including general military training, public speaking training, guest speakers, leadership and ethics training, drill, and additional physical training.

The TAMUG NROTC/SSO unit also provides training unique to the university through ship training evolutions. The NROTC/SSO unit is able to utilize the Texas A&M Maritime Academy training facilities including ship bridge simulator, damage control simulator, and training evolutions on the USTS General Rudder.

Several other training evolutions are also conducted throughout the week at the discretion of midshipman leadership. This may come in the form of Sunday night department meetings, week night division meetings, CPR or First Aid Training, or other training periods that may arise.

Volunteering and Weekend Training

Weekends may be allocated for unit events or volunteering. Unit events include extended ship training days, march-ins at Texas A&M football games, and more. The NROTC/SSO unit places a heavy emphasis on community outreach in the form of volunteer service. Currently the unit participates in a partnership with Seawolf Park located on Pelican Island a few miles from the university. There the unit aids in upkeep of two World War II naval vessels: USS Stewart (DE-238) and the USS Cavalla (SS-684). The unit also participates in several other volunteer projects throughout the year.