1/C Officer Cruise (Senior)

The 1/C cruise midshipmen choose the community they are most interested in serving in when they commission. They can choose between the Aviation, Surface Warfare, Submarine, and Special Warfare (SEALs and EOD) communities. The objective of this training cruise is to familiarize midshipman with the officer lifestyle. For the duration of the cruise the midshipmen are attached to a command where they receive a better understanding of the officer role. There they will be assigned a running mate who they will shadow on their duties. This cruise offers the highest diversity of opportunities for training.

MIDN 1/C Chisum spent his summer training cruise with HSC-8 based out of NAS North Island, California. During his cruise MIDN Chisum received the opportunity to participate in Operation Angel Thunder, a two-week, multinational combat search and rescue exercise based out of Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona. MIDN Chisum witnessed first-hand simulated combat search and rescue operations. He also received instructional “stick” time in the MH-60S, and firsthand experience with the operations and mission sets of the HSC community.