2/C Enlisted Cruise (Junior)

The idea of this cruise is to give midshipmen an understanding of the enlisted life style and work schedules. The contracted midshipmen will choose between the Submarine and Surface Warfare community, and will spend 4 weeks with the command they are assigned. This cruise offers more flexibility for location either being on the west coast, east coast, or even overseas. For the time spent on with the ship the midshipman live, work, and eat with the enlisted personnel aboard their vessel. Each midshipman is assigned a running mate and is assigned to a division on the ship. Division assignments may include deck, engineering, damage control, gunnery, combat information center (CIC), or radar. This cruise should give midshipman a perspective on the individuals they will lead in the future while also giving them a basic technical background in systems operated in their division.

MIDN 2/C Boswell trained on the USS Tucson (SSN-770) for his 2/C cruise. The USS Tucson is a Los Angeles Class fast attack submarine homeported out of Pearl Harbor, HI. MIDN Boswell participated in a transit from San Diego, CA to Pearl Harbor, HI on his cruise.