3/C CORTRAMID Cruise (sophomore)

The 3/C cruise midshipmen will attend Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID). Midshipmen will attend CORTRAMID either on the east coast at Naval Station Norfolk, VA or the west coast at Naval Base San Diego, CA. Here MIDNs are exposed to the Aviation, Surface Warfare, Submarine, and Marine Warfare communities. The purpose of CORTRAMID is to aid the contracted midshipman in the selection of their career community. Midshipmen who attend CORTRAMID can expect full days of expos, training evolutions, and demonstrations. Here are some training evolutions midshipmen can expect to see on cruise:

  • Aviation – simulator rides, flights on board platforms such as the T-6 and MH-60, basic survival training and bail out procedures, and squadron visits.
  • Surface – simulator training, ship tours, briefing on current missions, weapons systems training, going underway on a warship, and live fire exercises.
  • Submarine – damage control (DC) simulations, briefings on current operations, and going underway on a ballistic missile submarine.
  • Marine Warfare – attend training with Marines at either Camp Pendleton, CA (west coast) or Camp Lejeune, NC and participate in evolutions such as live fire exercises, operation of different vehicles, ruck marches, and military operations in urban terrain (MOUT).

MIDN 3/C Sutton attended CORTRAMID West at Naval Base San Diego. While there he participated in aviation training at North Island Naval Air Station, submarine training at Naval Base Point Loma, and training with the Marines at Camp Pendleton. Here he is shown underway on the USS William P. Lawrence (DDG-110) during the surface warfare training phase on cruise.