NROTC College Program

Those who are not able to earn an NROTC scholarship in high school or who enter college without one may join the unit as an NROTC College Program. This program is the nearly the same as that of the NROTC scholarship midshipmen however midshipmen in this program are competing for a contract in the Navy rather than coming in with one.

Scholarship and Advance Standing

College program midshipman may earn one of two types of contracts as a college program midshipman: three or two year scholarship or advance standing. Midshipmen may earn what is referred to as a Sideload scholarship. These scholarships are given to selected midshipman at the conclusion of their freshman or sophomore year and may either be two or three years in length. They are essentially the same as the four year NROTC scholarship however they are earned in college rather than in high school. If a midshipman fails to earn scholarship, they are immediately enrolled in selection for Advance Standing. Advance Standing midshipmen are guaranteed a commission upon graduation however they will not receive scholarship paying for school. Advance Standing midshipmen will receive a semester book pay as well as monthly stipend that scholarship midshipmen receive.

What is a Contract?

A midshipman who has picked up contract is any midshipman who will commission as an active duty naval officer upon commission. Contracted midshipmen include those who received a scholarship in high school or those who received scholarship or advance standing through the NROTC College Program.

Earning a Contract

Midshipman compete for contract their freshman and sophomore years. College Program midshipmen have the opportunity of earning scholarship at the end of both years while also having the opportunity to pick up Advance Standing if they do not receive scholarship. Unfortunately if a midshipman fails to receive either scholarship or Advance Standing following the conclusion of their sophomore year, they will be forced to dis enroll from the unit.

Selection for contract is highly competitive. College Program midshipmen are ranked amongst other midshipmen from around the country. Academics, physical training, and military aptitude are the primary factors determining who gets contracted. It is also highly encouraged that College Program midshipmen take calculus and calculus based physics courses to also increase their chance of receiving a contract. For more information on academics, please see the NROTC/SSO Academics page.

College Program Eligibility

College program eligibility is very similar to requirements for NROTC scholarship.

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Not less than 17 years old by Sept. 1 of year starting college and no more than 23 on June 30 of that year.
  • Must not have reached 27th birthday by June 30 of year in which graduation and commissioning are anticipated .
  • Applicants with prior military service may be eligible for age adjustments for amount of time equal to their prior service, on month-by-month basis, for maximum of 36 months, if they will not reach 30th birthday by June 30 of year graduation and commissioning are anticipated.
  • High school graduation or equivalency certificate by Aug. 1 of year of entrance into four-year NROTC Scholarship program.
  • No moral obligations or personal convictions that prevent conscientious bearing of arms and supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic.
  • Physically qualified by Navy standards.
  • Apply for and gain admission to NROTC colleges (not required during selection process, but notification of admission must be received before scholarship can be activated).

Pay and Benefits

College program midshipmen receive no pay or benefits. Midshipmen will only receive pay and benefits if they receive a contract. Midshipmen who receive scholarship will receive pay for school and benefits the same as a midshipman who enrolled with a scholarship. Advanced standing midshipmen will not receive pay for tuition however will receive a semester book stipend of $375 and monthly stipend of $350 for juniors and $400 for seniors.


Uniforms are not provided for college program midshipmen. Uniforms will only be issued if the midshipman contracts with either a scholarship or advanced standing. All college program midshipmen are responsible for ordering their own uniforms through the Corps of Cadets.


College program midshipmen are not obligated for military service unless they pick up contract as a college program midshipman. Once they are appointed scholarship or advanced standing, they are obligated to minimum of five years of services as an active duty officer in an unrestricted line warfare community (same commitment as scholarship midshipmen). These midshipmen must also attend at least one summer training cruise in order to commission.


To apply for the College Program, simply fill out the required material to apply for admittance to the NROTC/SSO Program. Click here for the link to the application

MIDN 1/C Coale

MIDN 1/C Coale is a TAMUG College Program Midshipman who earned a three year scholarship at the end of his freshman year. He is pictured here next to the 5”/62 mk-45 gun system on the guided missile destroyer USS Shoup (DDG-86) on his junior cruise.