TAMUG Websites

Did you know that Texas A&M University at Galveston's website is being updated? 

Go here to see the list of sites that have been moved to the new "Responsive" design.

The Cascade Management System (CMS) is a program used by TAMU and TAMUG for their web development and management.

For all CMS Publishing request, and/or all Questions, Comments, Concerns about CMS please email cms@tamug.edu for the quickest response.

Additional Contacts:

John Kovacevich, Director of Information Services
Phone: {409} 740 – 4461
Email: Kovacevi@tamug.edu
Vadim Troshkin, Web Designer
Phone: {409} 740-4817
Email: troshkiv@tamug.edu

Thea Monnier, Communications Specialist
Phone: {409} 740 – 4850
Email: monniert@tamug.edu