Resetting Your NetID Password

Resetting Your NetID Password, Forwarding Your TAMU Email and Self-Service Reset

1. Do you know your NETID?

If not it can be located by typing your name into the TAMU directory:

Directory Search

Once you locate your name, click on it.

The next screen that appears will include your contact details, including your TAMU email.

Example: Email Address:
(The First part of your email is your NETID)

You’ll need your UIN to Reset your PW
(You cannot use your UIN as the PW –it has to be follow the
guidelines below)

OR go to click on Claim Your Net ID.

Claim Your ID

2. Changing Your Forgotten NetID Password.

If you have forgotten your NetID password, you will need to have your account marked for a password change.

To get your account marked, (Please contact TAMUG Helpdesk, via email or phone 409 740 4714 M-F 8-5pm. We can mark your account to allow you to reset the PW)

Please have your University Identification Number (UIN) ready when you call us. You will need to verify some security information first.

If it is AFTER HOURS, you can contact TAMU Helpdesk who can be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 979 845 8300.

After calling us to have your account marked, it will only stay marked for 24hours – so please make sure you follow up to RESET your Password soon)

To Reset Your Password:
Go to

Forgot password

If you have already setup your self-service questions click on the "With Self-Service Reset"

Self Service Password Reset

You should see this page .

Password Reset

Enter UIN, NetID and Birth date.

Then you will need to enter your new password twice.
Remember this cannot be something you have used previously or in the past, it's easier to remember if you try to keep it similar to your password – so you can remember it easily.
(Use the same password - put the numbers at the end, and increase the number by one each time you have to reset. It has to follow these guidelines; your password must:
Be at least eight (8) and at most thirty-two (32) characters long
Begin with a letter
Contain at least one (1) number
contain only the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, `%7e!@#%^&*()-_=+[{]}\|;:',<.>

3. Forwarding Instructions For Your email

Go to and click on Email Settings.

Email Settings


Log in using your NetID and password.
You will see your TAMU email address (your To the right of that email address is a button that says EDIT.

You will have three choices for what to do with your TAMU email:

Forwarding Email

Select "Forwarded to" and fill in the preferred email address, we recommend your TAMUG email address and then click "SAVE"
Now all TAMU System emails will be delivered to your at the email account you setup.