NetID Account Eligibility for VPN Services

A TAMU NetID is required to utilize the Cisco VPN Services utilized by the TAMUG campus.

TAMU(G) Employees, Faculty, and Students should already have a TAMU NetID and will use those credentials while off campus to authenticate against the VPN services.

Affiliates of the University may also request a TAMU NetID to utilize campus resources and authenticate against the campus VPN services.
Examples of affiliates may include Employees of organization located on campus, Employees of commercialbusinesses contracted to provide services on campus, Members or Participants in select campus programs and groups, visiting scholars and retired employees.

Requesting a NetID Account

Departments can request NetID accounts for persons meeting the eligibility requirements above. 

The sponsoring department should fill out and submit the NetID Account Request Form.  This form must be completed by a full time employee.  Once completed the form must be submitted to the Identity Management Office, which will establish an account and respond to the specified contact, who passes the information onto the individual.  The individual can then activate their NetID account at

If you have any questions or concerns, please email