Faculty and Instructional Support

This Faculty and Instructional Support page is meant to bring together the many programs maintained and supported by Bill Elizondo, Senior Information Technology Consultant & Gerald Hughes, Information Technology Consultant.

Please refer to the following programs, or contact Mr. Elizondo, or Mr. Hughes for additional information or assistance.


Services Provided 

Steps to Use Program

 Additional Resources for Program

eCampus (Blackboard Learning System)

This system is set up by instructors and used as a supplemental tool for classes. Students log in through the HOWDY system.

TTVN (WebMeeting)

Videoconferences with TAMUS and UT organizations, coursework, dialup and downlink connections to TAMU College Station. Also link to TAMUS TTVN WebMeeting webconferencing site.

Clickers and Classroom Technology

Clickers are a survey tool used in the classroom with multiple applications including:

  • Pre- and post-testing assessments
  • Calculate understanding
  • Encouraging interaction with large audiences
  1. Create a roster and register students
  2. Plug unit into USB port
  3. Start eInstruction Software
  4. Use the instructor remote for polling
  5. igrader keeps track

Qualtrics- The Campus Survey Tool

This software enables users to create their own web-based surveys and conduct statistical analysis as a feedback tool.

Video/POD Editing and Lecture Capture

Camtasia Relay is the classroom lecture capture system used by TAMUG and TAMU. Please contact Bill Elizondo or Gerald Hughes for further information.

Bill Elizondo, Senior Information Technology consultant can be reached at elizondb@tamug.edu or at (409) 740-4860.

Gerald Hughes, Information Technology Consultant can be reached at hughesg@tamug.edu or at (409) 740 - 4851.

Visit our office for in-person help at LIB 107.