Equipment Available For Checkout

To reserve this equipment in advance, please call x4714 or come by CIS, Room 115 in CLB.

Students may reserve equipment for class projects and presentations only.

CIS 1 - Gateway 400SD4
CIS D520-1 - Dell Latitude
D520 CIS D520-2 - Dell Latitude D520

LCD Projectors:
Dell 3300M
Dell 2300M (1)
Dell 2300M (2)

CLB 100 Hand mic
CLB 100 Lapel mic
CLB 103/105 Hand mic
CLB 103/105 Lapel mic
KH 206 Lapel mic
MERC 151 Lapel mic

Digital Cameras:
Sony CD Mavica - CD Media
Nikon Coolpix L1- 512MB & 1GB Memory Cards
Sony MVC-FD7 - Floppy Media
Handy Cam Video Recorder - 32MB Memory Card
Tripod - 2

USB Drive:
512MB Jump/Thumb drive

Sound System Equipment:
Wireless microphone receiver
Cassette player
CD player
Power amplifier

Slide Projector:
Carousel Type

Zip Drive:
Zip -100 (2 available drives)
Zip - 250


Overhead Projector

The following equipment is available to be used by faculty:

Personal Response System

The following equipment is available to be used in CIS by faculty, staff, or graduate students:

Video Capture Machine (may be used by students for class projects)
Microsoft Windows XP - Adobe Premiere

Multimedia Machine
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Elements
Adobe Acrobat
Camtasia Studio