Information Services Spam Filtering Service

Using the End User Digest

  1. Open the End User Digest which displays an email listing of the suspected spam messages. The spam score, from field and subject field are viewable. Spam is scored on a scale from 1 to 100; the higher the score, the higher the probability that the message is spam.


  2. Look over the messages to confirm that they are all spam.
  3. If messages have been accurately labeled as spam, no further action is required. These messages will be automatically deleted in 14 days.


Dealing with End User Digest Emails that are Not Spam

There are 4 primary options available in the End User Digest that will be useful if the IS Spam Filtering service has registered an incoming email as a “false positive.” A false positive is a valuable email that the IS Spam Filtering Service has mistakenly labeled as spam. The options are:

1. View

The View link opens the email from within the IS Spam Filtering server so that it can be safely read. By reading the content, you can determine whether or not it is spam.

2. Release

The Release link releases the email from the IS Spam Filtering quarantine and delivers it to your inbox.

Please take into account that if you have a Junk E‐mail or spam filter enabled on your desktop mail client such as Outlook, the filter may also place the released email into a Junk folder. Consequently, if you do not see the released email in your inbox, check your mail client’s Junk folder.

3. Safelist

The Safelist link places the sender on a safelist so that subsequent emails from the sender arrive in your inbox AND releases the messages to your Inbox. A safelist is also known as a whitelist (as opposed to blocked senders or blacklist).

4. Not Spam

The Not Spam link sends a notification indicating that the email was not spam. Future messages that are similar to those marked will not be filtered out as spam.


Other End User Digest Links

Located at the top of the End User Digest are three more helpful links.

Digest 2

Request New End User Digest

The Request New End User Digest link sends you an updated summary reflecting all of your quarantined email plus any email filtered since your last digest was sent. This tool comes in handy if you suspect that an incoming email was quarantined after you received the most recent digest. The newly arrived emails will be at the top of the list.
Additionally, the End User Digest allows you to view the complete list of suspected spam held in your quarantine for the past 14 days. All suspected spam is deleted after 14 days. After the link is clicked, you should see a confirmation page open in your web browser.

Request Safe/Blocked Senders List

The Request Safe/Blocked Senders List link sends a summary of all of your Safe and Blocked Senders.
The summary includes further links to add or delete senders.

Manage My Account

The Manage My Account link opens a web page that accesses your account on the Information Services Spam Filtering server. You may view quarantined messages, access your safe/blocked senders list, and carry out other management functions.