TTVN Classrooms on TAMUG Campus

TTVN is the wide area data and interactive communications network that serves the thirteen campuses, the Health Science Center, and seven research and service agencies of the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS).  The network also serves numerous affiliated colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, and state agencies throughout Texas.  The core TTVN network consists of over 120 primary wide area network sites and more than 300 videoconference sites.

TTVN provides enterprise-class commodity Internet, Internet2, National LambdaRail and Texas Intranet data services to all members of TAMUS and the extended TTVN community.  TTVN also provides videoconference scheduling and facilitation services, videoconference user and technical support, multi-point videoconference bridging, ISDN/IP gateways, live and archive webcasting, and videoconference equipment repair.

TTVN also manages the Centra interactive webconference application for the campuses and agencies of the Texas A&M University System.  Centra provides interactive webconferencing for classes, seminars, and meetings.