Instructor Workstation Instructions

Whereas, “The OCEAN is your Classroom”, we want the computer labs here at TAMUG, to be your "Access to the Buried Treasures" you’re sure to find in them !!  

 We currently have 5 general computer labs here at TAMUG, giving all students access to email, and many different software programs, and not to mention the World Wide Web!  We try to provide as much technical support and information regarding the computers, the software, and the labs.  Our goal is to utilize technology to improve the effectiveness of the essential process of facilitating learning.  

The computers are serviced by Computing Information Services. Any / all problems should be reported to the CIS or Library Staff or (409) 740-4480

Some rules to keep in mind, while in the labs:
  • If a computer has a “Temporarily Being SERVICED” signed attached PLEASE move to a new station. We will have the machine repaired as soon as possible, and returned to it’s place. 
  • Please do not keep sending print jobs to the printer if the printer is not printing or is jammed. This only makes the problem worse. Allow several minutes for a print job to be processed - sometimes the printer is warming up (if it has not been used recently) or may need to be reset.
  • Close and Exit ALL PROGRAMS upon leaving the computer! 
  • Please take your trash and disks/USB drives with you when you leave. 
  • If you  are in the labs late at night, PLEASE SHUT DOWN the computer you are using before you leave.
  • Anything left in the labs will be put at the instructor stations in the lab it was found in, or brought to the CIS office in CLB115.
Computers in the labs have software to prevent the downloading of unauthorized software.  This impacts installed items such as documents and presentations:
  • You must save your documents in a space called Thawspace with the drive letter F:.
  • This will allow you to temporarily save your work. 
  • The files in this space will be deleted once a week, so please remember to bring your floppies, USB sticks, flash or mobile disks, or CD's to copy your work.
  • If you save anything, anywhere on the Hard Drive and the computer is restarted or shut down, it will be deleted.  THERE IS NO WAY TO RECOVER!
  • Report Problems to CIS Helpdesk at (409) 740-4480 or email to

If  Your Residence Hall Network Is Down

The residence hall network is separate from the university's network and managed by the Apogee company. If you need assistance then you may contact the support lines below:

For 24/7 support call the toll free line: 1-855-290-7137