General Classrooms

All general use classrooms and auditoriums have instructor podiums equipped with Windows based computers, a transparency projector or document camera, and a stand-alone player for DVD and VHS media.  In each room these devices are connected to a self-contained audio system and at least one ceiling mounted projector.  The largest rooms and auditoriums feature larger or multiple screens/projectors as well as microphones.  Many of our rooms also support the playback of Blu-Ray media.  All rooms have additional VGA and HDMI connections to support the use of personal devices like laptops.  Some classrooms also incorporate teleconference equipment to enable remote teaching opportunities (often with the College Station A&M campus).  
All rooms have chalkboards or whiteboards and are equipped with Fluorescent and Incandescent lighting to allow different configurations suitable for board work or projected presentations.

Control systems are used in all classrooms to simplify switching between different devices.  Our basic control system is uniform across all rooms to keep usage familiar between rooms.  The Teleconference rooms, auditoriums and largest classrooms use more advanced control systems to support the additional technology while keeping operation as simple as possible.  These advanced systems are able to take advantage of multiple displays and can also give more convenient access to lighting and screen controls.

All computer labs have Windows based systems and are ready to print.  We utilize a Pharos print server and all labs have at least one print release station.  All classroom and lab computers are replaced regularly to stay current with software needs.  Our current systems have 4GB of memory and 2 Ghz Dual Core Processors at a MINIMUM.

All classroom and lab computers have the following software in addition to the Windows standard system software (like Internet Explorer or Paint): 

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
Adobe Flash
Adobe Reader
Apple QuickTime

A few specialized software packages are available in labs as follows:

GIS Lab (SAGC 600) - ArcView/ArcGIS
PMEC 242 - LabView
CLB 111 - SPSS

Additional software may be present on any of these machines at an instructors' request.

Our campus computer labs are as follows (number of machines is listed in parenthesis):

Classroom Laboratory Building (CLB)

CLB 114 (Student Computers: 34)
CLB 111 (Student Computers: 24) 
CLB 109 (Student Computers: 40)

Powel Marine Engineering Complex (PMEC)
PMEC 242 (Student Computers: 24) 
Sea Aggie Center (SAGC) 
SAGC 600 (Student Computers: 24) 
Jack K Williams Library (WILL) 
WILL126 (Student Computers: 24)