TAMUG has deployed the Cisco AnyConnect VPN.  Instructions can be found here:  TAMUG AnyConnect

The older TAMUG VPN client Setup and instructions are below.

Using The Cisco Client

TAMUG uses the Cisco VPN client to provide remote access to the campus computing systems. 
Below are instructions on downloading the client and setting it up.  
You must use your NetID to download the client.  This is the same system that College Station uses for VPN access. 
If you already have the College Station VPN client installed on your computer,  then use the instructions below to "add" a TAMUG specific connection.

Need College Station VPN Setup Information. College Station uses the Cisco Anyconnect Client to allow VPN access to College Station.  Select your Operating System from the list provided. Then follow the instructions for the College Station VPN.

Otherwise click on the link below , login with your NetID and Password and select your operating system from the list. Download the VPN client to your computer desktop. Once it is downloaded, double click on it to start the installation. When the installation is complete follow the instructions below for adding  a TAMUG specific connection. 

Windows 7 or Vista (64 Bit)

Windows 7 or Vista (32 bit)

Windows XP (32 bit)

Mac OS X (10.6) Cisco Client No Longer Required Follow this link for setup instructions

Mac OS X (10.4-10.5)      (Click here for Mac Setup Instructions)


Windows Setup Instructions:

After downloading and installing the Cisco VPN client do the following:

Go to Start > All Programs > Cisco Systems VPN Client and double click "VPN client" to start the application

From the icons at the top select NEW and call it TAMUG

Enter the Host:

Under the "Authentication" tab, use the following information:

Select Group Authentication and in the Name:  tunnellvision

Password: tamugremote

Confirm the password: tamugremote

vpn setup

Select the Transport Tab:

You should have the "Enable Transparent Tunneling"  box checked.
With "IPSec over TCP" checked.
With TCP Port 10000

Step 2 VPN setup

Click "Save".

Your new connection should now display in the client, with TAMUG in the "Connection Entry" field.  Highlight it and click "Connect".
You should be prompted for your NetID and password to complete the connection.

Step 3 VPN Setup

If you have any problems, call the IS Helpdesk at 740-4714 or email helpdesk@tamug.edu