VPN For Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.5

Mac OSX 10.0-10.5 and setup Instructions:

After downloading and the Cisco VPN client do the following:

Go to your Desktop where the file was downloaded. The resulting icon should appear similar to Figure 1.

Figure 1: Cisco VPN Client Icons

Figure 1: Cisco VPN Client Icons








Depending on your configuration, there will either be one or two icons. If there are two icons, your computer has automatically decompressed the downloaded file.
If not, you will need to do this manually by double-clicking on it.

Double-click on the file named Cisco VPN to start the installation.

You will be prompted with a screen similar to Figure 2 that says you need an administrator password to install the software. Click on the lock icon, and type your administrator password. Click Next.

On the next few screens, you will be asked various installation questions. The defaults should be fine unless you have a certain place you want the application installed.

Figure 2: Unlock the Installer

            Figure 2. Unlock the Installer

After you have indicated your installation choices, a window similar to Figure 3 should appear, summarizing these installation choices.
Click Previous to make changes or Install to complete the installation. The install process takes around 3-5 minutes to complete fully.
When the installation process has completed, you will need to click Done.

Figure 3: Installation Summary

             Figure 3. Installation Summary


Configuring VPN

Click the VPN icon on the dock (Figure 4) to start the VPN program.

Figure 4: VPN Icon in Doc

Figure 4: VPN Icon in Dock

The VPN client should open and should appear similar to Figure 5 below. Click New to begin configuring the connection.

Figure 5: VPN Client Window

For Connection Entry type TAMUG

Enter the Host:

Under the "Authentication" tab, use the following information:

Select Group Authentication and enter:  tunnellvision

Password Enter: tamugremote

Confirm the password enter: tamugremote

              Figure 6: Authentication Setup

Next, click the Transport tab, as shown below in Figure 7.

Click the Enable Transport Tunneling checkbox.

Click IPSec over TCP and enter 10000 in the TCP port field.

Click Save.

                              Figure 7. Transport Setup


Connecting to VPN

Your new connection should appear in the VPN client window. Click on it to highlight, and click
your Net ID and password.
OK. You should now be connected to VPN

If you have any problems, call the CIS Helpdesk at 740-4714 or email helpdesk@tamug.edu