VPN Setup For Mac OS X 10.6

With the introduction of OS X 10.6 Apple has incorporated the Cisco VPN client into the operating system. Follow the below instructions to
setup your connection:

Need College Station VPN Setup Information <Click Here> and select "VPN via Client" and then your Operating System. Then follow the instructions for the College Station VPN

Mac setup Instructions For TAMUG VPN Access

1) From the Apple menu, open System Preferences and go to the Network system pane. In the bottom left corner, make sure the lock is open.
If it is not, click on it and enter your administrator password to unlock it. Once the lock is open, click the small plus (+) sign immediately above
the lock. This will open the new interface dialog. From the Interface pull down menu, select VPN (fig. 1).

Mac osx10_6 step 1
                          [fig. 1 - New interface dialogue] 

2) Once VPN is selected, you will have three types of VPN to choose from. Select Cisco IPSec (fig. 2).

mac osx10_6 vpn step 2

                                       [fig. 2 - Cisco IPSec]

3) You should now have a new interface listed in the left side window entitled "VPN (Cisco IPSec)." Highlighting this connection will give you
the configuration screen for Cisco VPN (fig. 3). Place a check mark in the box next to Show VPN status in menu  bar.
For the fields on this screen enter:

  • Server Address:
  • Account Name: Your NetID
  • Password: Your NetID Password
mac 0sx10_6 vpn step 3
                                                [fig. 3 - Cisco VPN configuration]
4) Click the Authentication Settings button below the password field to access the Machine Authentication screen (fig. 4).
Make sure that Shared Secret is selected from the two choices. On this screen enter:
  • Shared Secret: tamugremote
  • Group Name: tunnellvision
mac osx10_6 vpn step 4 
                  [fig. 4 - Machine Authentication]
5) On your menu bar, you will now have a new icon. Click this new icon and choose Connect to VPN (fig. 5). 
mac osx10_6 vpn step 5

          [fig. 5 - Connect to VPN]

6) When you choose to connect to VPN, you will be prompted for a Username and Password (fig. 6). On this window you will enter:

  • Account Name: Your NetID
  • Password: your NetID Password
mac osx10_6 vpn step 6  
                                [fig. 6 - VPN Authentication]
7) Once you are connected, your connection time will be displayed in the menu bar. Clicking on the VPN icon or the connection time will give you the
option to disconnect from VPN (fig. 7). It is recommended that you disconnect from VPN prior to putting your computer to sleep or powering it off.
mac osx10_6 vpn step 7

         [fig. 7 - Disconnecting VPN]  

If you have any problems, call the CIS Helpdesk at 740-4714 or email helpdesk@tamug.edu