IS Support For Students   

IS provides internet access for all students in the following locations:

1. Library Resource Center (LRC) and classroom labs:
  • CLB 109, CLB 111, CLB 114, PMEC 242, SAGC600-GIS LAB, Library Room #126
2. For On Campus Residential Internet Issues Contact Apogee:
  • Phone - Student Support Toll Free Line: 1/855-290-7137 -- Available 24 x 7 x 365
  • email - (
  • text message  - (text: resnet to 84700).
  • Via internet -
3. Virtual private network (VPN) clients can access Library resources database to work on projects from home.

Information Services "IS"  provides assistance and services to students including:
Helpdesk support (409-740-4714)  or email helpdesk:

To report broken links, email:     

Evenings & Weekend TAMUG Helpdesk is closed please contact TAMU Helpdesk (979-845-8300) for support If the problem is eCampus or Howdy related.   Or contact Apogee if you are having internet issues in your on campus housing.

Resetting NetID passwords –students must have their student ID's with them for assistance. Students who are off campus and cannot come by the office should call TAMU Helpdesk (979)-845-8300.

Providing written guidelines (printed and online) for utilizing campus computing resources

Email (coordinate and contribute funding for College Station provided NETID/Email accounts)

eCampus/Blackboard (provide and coordinate and contribute funding to College Station’s Learning Management System)

Software/ SW Licenses which can be ordered by the students online from College Station (Use your NETID to login)

McAfee is available for FREE from the above website (Anti-Virus Software MUST be installed on your PC and set to auto update weekly.)

Printer and printing assistance whether it's color or B/W.

TAMUG Information Services (IS) is responsible for:

Limited assistance in troubleshooting your computer problems to assist you in connecting to the network.

However, if you leave your PC or laptop with us in our office (CLB115) you will need to complete a student personal computer release of liability form and we cannot guarantee the PC or laptop will be returned in the same condition as when it came in.


    Repair any hardware problems. Students will be notified of any problems found during our network troubleshooting and IS will provide a list of local computer repair vendors.

    Reformat hard disks and reinstall MS Windows, MS Office or other applications

IS Staff does NOT physically work on student computers due to the issues of liability and also the inappropriateness of using state funds to pay our staff to work on personally-owned computers.  We will advise students on possible causes of problems they are facing and suggest approaches they might use to resolve them, including:

Recommending troubleshooting steps for them to follow.

Recommending contacting local computer stores.

Recommending contacting vendor helpdesks.

Advising them of the possibility of requesting assistance from other students.

IS employed student workers MAY NOT work on other student computers on time that IS is paying them to work.

They may work on other student computers on their own time BUT first they must document in writing (the student owning the computer must sign) a statement acknowledging that the IS student worker is performing this work on their own time, either for free or reimbursement from the computer owner, and that IS is not responsible or liable for any work that they do in this situation.