Speed Dial Setup ***NOTE: Do not change any other settings other than your speed dial numbers as this may affect other phone system features***

After requesting a UserID and PIN number from IS (helpdesk@tamug.edu or Extn 4714):

Go to (you may get a certificate error, do you want to continue message, say yes)

Login with your username: Provided By IS

Enter your password: Provided by IS

Select “Phones” from the top left
Select “Phone Settings” from the left menu
Select "Speed Dial Numbers" from the menu.

You will be presented with a list of speed dials assigned to the buttons on your phone plus the list of ones that aren’t on your phone but are selectable. You can edit them by clicking on the icon that looks like a pen next to the entry you want to edit.

To use the speed dials that don't appear next to a button on your phone, with the phone on hook, dial the number of the speed dial, then press the "Abbrdial" softkey that appears on the phone.

Example: You have programmed Speed Dial 8 to call "Home". Press the number 8 on the keypad (phone needs to be hung up), then the "AbbrDial" softkey. The number will be called.