Service Request

Computer Information Services at Texas A&M Galveston provides IT support to Students, Staff and Faculty.

 If you need to log a service request your options are:

  • Call the Helpdesk at {409} 740 - 4714
  • Email the
  • Drop in to our office

We are located in CLB (Building 3007) in Room 115. Please drop in if you need information or assistance.


Before your computer is brought to CIS we recommend all students run the following programs. This is important because many viruses
related to spyware and adware will be eliminated when these programs have been run.
If a student brings their computer to us and we find these programs have not been run, we will not accept the computer until
they have done so.

Spybot Search & destroy:
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
Super Anti-Spyware:     

You can also visit our How To Protect Your Computer page for more information