Residence Hall Phones

Students can purchase any normal analog phone to use. These are the standard residential phones.

If the phone has a message waiting light the system will light it when the student has voice mail.  

If the phone doesn't have a message light the student will hear a stutter dial tone when they have voice mail (the dial tone is interrupted every second or so, instead of a constant tone). 

Portable phones will work with the system but students are cautioned that they may have interference from other portable phone users.

Answering machines and phones with integrated answering machines will work with the system.  The answering machine will have to answer in less than 5 rings when the system voice mail picks up.  It will not be possible to turn off the system voice mail.  If the student

is on the phone, messages will go to the VoIP system voice mail.

To make a call
Internal Call: Dial the 4-digit extension of the party you want to reach. The extension number is different from the room number.  

 • External call: dial 9 + telephone number

  Press 9 for an outside line. Only Local (409) calls are allowed to be made, unless you have a personal calling card. You will not hear a dial tone again until after the second number has been entered.

 To access Voice mail

You will know that you have voice mail by the light on the phone (if you buy one with a standard message light) or by the stutter dial tone when you the pick up the phone.

  • Dial the Voicemail Number – 740-4444 (from outside) or x4444 (from inside)

  • Press the Star key (*)

  • At the "enter your id number" prompt, enter your Voice Mail Box Number

  • Press the Pound key (#)

  • Enter your Password

  • Press the Pound key (#)

  • If several attempts are made, and you are not able to get into the voice mail, your account will be locked. If your account does get locked, you will need to contact IS, via email to to have your Voice Mail reset, or call X4714 and ask to have your request logged.