How to Change Your TAMUG Email Password on Your iPhone

     Step 1:
     From the home screen, tap on Settings

iPhone Settings


     Step 2:
     In the Settings menu, Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Mail iPhone


     Step 3:
     Within Mail, Contacts, Calendars click on your TAMUG Exchange Account.

Account iPhone

     Step 4:
     Within your TAMUG Exchange Account, click on Account Info     

Account Info iPhone

     Step 5:
     Within Account Info, click on Password. Once this is selected you can change your password

Password iPhone

     Step 6:
     Once completed, press the DONE button to save the password

     Step 7:
     Tap out of your configuration settings, you are finished!

     If you are having issues getting it to take the new password you may have to delete your TAMUG Mail Account from your phone and then
     set it up again using your new password. Click here for instructions - Removing TAMUG Email from iPhone