Schedule of Charges For TAMUG Telephones and Telephone Services

Handset Charges
Existing phones are billed annually to each Department.
Requests for new phones for staff members where there currently isn't a handset will incur a one time $350.00 charge which covers the purchase of the handset.

Cable Installation
TAMUG cable run installations are $150 each (phone or data)
Data jacks – GENERALLY we only charge an installation cost and there is no ongoing fee. If someone wants a large number of data jacks there may be additional costs.

Call Costs
Call charges are monitored to ensure no abuse of the system is taking place. Each month the Departments will receive a call detail report and must designate someone to verify the call costs are for business purposes. Any personal call costs are to be recovered according to If IS identifies any abuse with regards to long distance or international phone calls then the offending Department will be charged for the cost of the calls.

Voice mail is included in the annual Department fees for phone service. Multiple voicemail boxes are allowed if multiple people are using the phone. There is no additional charge for auto attendant menus unless they require excessive maintenance.

Special Requests
Special equipment or requests. We’ll address on a case by case basis with the basic assumption being that if it’s not covered under the normal phone system charge back, the requester will have to pay the actual cost.  

Special requests, should be emailed to, and should include as much details as possible.