Using Personal Folders in Outlook  
Staff and Faculty who have an "" email account can reduce the size of their mailbox and organize emails into personal folders by using a PST file. The PST is suitable for basically archiving older emails that you don't want to delete and may need to refer to in the future.
This has a major benefit for the limited amount of email storage that our campus email server can hold as well as reducing your inbox size dramatically while organizing it.
Note: Files that are moved to your PST file will not be viewable when using the Outlook Web to access your email.

To Create A PST File
From within Outlook select the "File" Tab

 PST Setup 1

Then click on the "Account Settings" Button

PST Setup 2

Then click on the "Data Files" Tab and then click on "Add"

 PST Setup 3

Select "Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)" and click OK

 PST Setup 4

A box will open in the Microsoft Outlook folder on your computer where you can either rename the File Name or just use the default one.
Click "OK" .

PST Setup 5

On the next screen just click OK

 PST Setup 6

You will then see your new PST file in the list of Data Files. Click "Close" and then "OK" on the next screen.

 PST Setup 51

You will now see an new folder called "Personal Folders" under your Mailbox Folders.

 PST setup 7

You can right click on this folder and create new sub folders to organize your older emails.

 PST Setup 8

Now just click and drag the emails you want to archive into the Personal Folders you have created.