Outlook Rules and Alerts

Using Rules and Alerts in Outlook

Setup Outlook To Filter Junk Email into a Separate Folder
As part of our email system at Texas A&M Galveston we utilize an email security system that checks all arriving emails for viruses, suspect attachments and spam. Any email containing a virus is automatically deleted to ensure no system or user is at risk of infection.
Spam email is tested against certain spam signatures that are updated regularly. If an email is deemed to be spam or "possibly spam" the subject line of the email will be tagged with [PMX] and then forwarded to the original recipient.

Each recipient should check these spam emails as some may not be spam but valid emails. In order not to inundate each users inbox with a lot of "potential spam" emails you can use the following instructions to setup a rule that will look for any emails with PMX on the
subject line and move them to a Junk Email folder that you can check a few times a week to see if any valid emails are there. Otherwise empty the folder to clear out the spam.

1. Open Outlook
Open up Outlook from your desktop computer.
Mouse over "Rules" and select "Manage Rules and Alerts" as shown below.

rules and alerts 2010

 2. Select New Rule
Click on New Rule as shown below.

3. Start From Blank Template  
Click on Start From Blank Template as shown below.

Then click on Next

4. Set Conditions You Want To Check  
Click on With Specific Words in Subject as shown below.
Then click on specific words in the section labeled Step 2 so we can set the word to look for.

5. Enter the words to check for in the Subject Line  
Enter  PMX in the Search Text box and click Add as shown below.    
Then click OK 
***Our email security system scans emails to see if they are potential spam. If it determines the email may be spam, the system adds the letters PMX to the subject line of the email and then forwards it to the end user.            

Your rule wizard should look like the figure below.
Click Next 

6. Move The Message To Specified Folder  
Click on move it to the specified folder as shown below.
Then click on specified folder in the section labeled Step 2. so we can choose which folder to send it to.  

7. Select or Create Folder To Send Message To  
If you already have a folder called Junk E-mail you may click on it and then click OK and proceed to step 8.

Otherwise click on the top folder called Mailbox - (users name) as shown in below.
Click on New

Enter the name of the new folder as shown in below and click OK

You should see your newly created Junk Email folder as shown below.
Click OK.

Your rule wizard should look like the figure below.
Click on Next.

8. Exceptions Settings  
Normally we do not have any exceptions on email tagged with PMX. Click on "Next" as shown in Figure 12.

9. Name The Rule
Specify a name for this rule as shown below.
At this point you can check the box Run this rule on messages already in Inbox and it will scan your inbox and move anything with the PMX tag to the Junk Email folder.
Click on Finish

10. Apply the Rule
You will see the new rule you have created and a description in the Rule description box showing what it is looking for and where it will move the message to as shown below.
Click on Apply and the rule will be activated.

Note: you can use the Outlook Rules and Alerts to sort other emails directly into folders for you, such as listserv emails or other groups you receive regular emails from.