Monthly Call Detail Reporting Instructions:

Account Managers and Department Heads will receive an automated email from the Call Accounting System (VeraSmart) on the first of each month.
The Call Accounting System provides you with a web based way to view and drill down into each extensions call details. You can then distribute the individuals extension report via one of the methods described below.

The email will provide a link to the TAMUG Compliance Website where there will be details regarding the specific rules for incidental personal use of phones and cost recovery.

At the bottom of the email the Account Managers receive there will be a hyperlink to your Department(s) Call Detail Reports for the previous month.

Example of the Report Link:
A new VeraSMART report has been generated for you. Use the link below to view it.
http://VERASMART/VeraSMART/Reports/ShowReport.aspx?id=029E7890FF8B4E778527CFF91A2AF9 (This link is an example only, not clickable)

What To Look For:
You should look at the report at each level for anything that seems excessive, such as the cost of a call or calls, the duration of calls and the frequency of calls. Also the time a call is being made, especially if after regular business hours.

Viewing the Report (Please view from your computer, not a mobile device)

1. Click on the hyperlink in the email and a page will open in your web browser displaying your Department(s) extension listing. You will see a page similar to this with your Department(s) listed in the Department Name column:

 Verasmart List

2 . Then Click on your Department(s) name and another page will open with a more detailed listing of the extensions in your Department.
On this page you will see some of your Departments Extensions but not necessarily all (Clicking on the link "[Assigned directly to......] will expand to show any extensions that aren't listed on the first screen.)

You will see a page similar to this:

Verasmart List 2


Individual Extension Breakdown

1. In the "Personnel" column you can click on each entry for a more detailed breakdown. Look at the "Duration" of the calls and the "Cost" of calls as an indicator of calls that may or may not be for business purposes:

 Verasmart List 3

 Options for Distributing the Report

1. Email the hyperlink: While viewing an individual extensions call details you can right click and copy the URL at the top of the page. You can then paste the link into an email and send it to the extension owner for review.

2. Print the web page: You can print the page you are viewing directly from your browser and distribute it manually to the individuals.

3. Export to Excel: You can click on "Excel" on the top right hand side of the web browser while viewing the report to export the individuals extension report to Excel.  Depending on your browser you will be asked to "Open" or "Save" the file.     
If you select "Open" the file will open in Excel. You should then save it with a filename that includes the extension number. You can then either print  out the spreadsheet or email as an attachment to the extension owner.

Have questions or need help? Email or call 409 740 4714.