1. Open a web browser and sign into your GMAIL account.
2. Click the Gear Icon in the upper right, then select Settings.
3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
4. Select Enable IMAP.
5. Click Save changes.

1. Go to the File Tab.
2. Click on Accounts Settings, and then click Account Settings again.
3. On the first tab of the Account Settings box you’ll see EMAIL, and right below that it’s says “NEW…” click on that.
4. The next box pops up, “Choose Service”, you want to make sure E-Mail Account is bubbled in, click Next.
5. Choose the bottom bubble to “Manually configure …”, click Next.
6. Choose the “Internet E-mail Settings”, click Next.
7. Put in your Name and Email address as it is with GMAIL.
8. Choose IMAP instead of POP3. ***Very Important***
9. Enter in as the Incoming Mail Server.
10. Enter in as the Outgoing mail server.
11. Enter in your username and password as it is with GMAIL.
12. Check the box to remember Password.
13. Click the “More Settings…” button.
14. On the Outgoing Server tab, ensure the box is checked to require Authentication and the button is set for the “Use same settings…”.
15. On the Advanced Tab, change the port to 993 for incoming server and the encryption type is SSL.
16. The outgoing server port is 465 and requires TLS encryption.
17. Click Next and the account is set.

You should now see it at the bottom of your folder lists in Outlook, right above any PST files you have.