This page addresses many of the most common problems encountered when using computers at TAMUG. It is specifically targeted towards students, though much of it applies to faculty and staff as well.
Please check to see if your question is answered here before you call Helpdesk.  If you have a suggestion for a question that should be added, please click here for helpdesk.


Your email address is your

How do I change my password?

What if I forget my password?

Log into Howdy and click on the email icon.


PC  NW Connections

How do I get an internet connection in the dorms?

Why isn't my Dorm connection working?

How do I access internal Tamug websites from home?



How can I save files that are too big for a disk?

**Consider purchasing a USB thumb drive or using a CD. Also, students may temporarily save information on the F:\\ drive in the campus computer labs.

Can you come fix my computer in the dorms?

You have to be on the TAMU/TAMUG network or you must VPN.

How can I find out what my grades are?