Making Conference Calls
Conference calls allow you to have multiple callers participating in the same telephone call (up to 6 external callers maximum ).
These sections describe how to make conference calls with the phone:

Placing a Conference Call 1. Make your first call as normal, when the person answers, press the more and then confrn soft button. This automatically opens a new line and places the other party on hold.
2. Place a call to another party.
3. When the call connects, press confrn soft button again to add this party to the conference call.
4. To add more people, press the more and then confrn soft keys. All of the current conference members are put on hold and you can dial the next party.
5. Repeat the process to add up to 6 external parties.

Note: Once the conference call initiator disconnects, no new parties can be add; and avoid putting a conference call on hold. When you put a call on hold, a beeping tone automatically generates every few seconds, or music is played.

Establishing Meet-Me Conference Calls
A Meet-Me conference allows other callers to dial into the conference call.

To establish a Meet-Me conference call:
1. Press the Line button.
2. Press the More Soft key
3. Press the Meet-Me button.
4. Dial the Meet-Me conference number. (Contact IS for the meet me phone number)

Conference Calls With More Than 6 Participants
Information Services can provide a conference call system that allows up to 20 participants.
There is a cost to use the service which will be billed back to the requesting Department within a few days of the call completion.

To request this service please contact IS Helpdesk at or call 409 740 4714.