All staff, faculty and students of Texas A&M University at Galveston are provided with an email account which they should use for all university business.

Required Training Course: (Please Complete Before Using TAMUG accounts)
To facilitate compliance with a state mandate, the University requires that all Texas A&M computing account holders complete an Information Security Awareness Training course annually. The training can be found online at:

Faculty and Staff Email
Faculty and staff will be setup with email account to use as your primary email account. Faculty/staff will also need to setup a NETID as well. We recommend that you setup the NETID the same as email account to make it easier to manage the accounts ( accounts are normally the first 7 digits of last name, and first initial of firstname)

Faculty/staff can forward this University email account to their account, however, emails with Personal Data will NOT be forwarded, therefore everyone will NEED to check this email account regularly at .

Service Description
Aggnews Aggnews is an important way to deliver necessary information to the people on this campus. Send aggnews emails to:
State-of-the-art notification system that is capable of sending notifications instantly and simultaneously to registered mobile phones, Blackberry’s, wireless PDAs, pagers, everyone’s email address as well as posting these on our college web site.
Email: Every Faculty and Staff member gets a tamug email address. This address will be given to you by CIS once you commence employment. You may forward your University System email address to your tamug email address.
Email: All Students, Staff and Faculty get a University System supplied email address.
Helpdesk Assistance If your new and have questions or need assistance and aren't sure who to ask?
Single Sign On A convenient one-stop login web-site developed by TAMUS to give employees quick access to online applications like LeaveTraq and HRConnect.  If you have ever used HRConnect or LeaveTraq, you'll appreciate the convenience of accessing benefit, payroll and leave information online with a single sign on!
Howdy Portal Howdy provides convenient access to Texas A&M web services for students, faculty and staff. With numerous content channels, the information you need is at your fingertips. Log in with your NetID to get started.
Software License Texas A&M University has a licensing agreement with Microsoft that allows Faculty and Staff to get software at greatly reduced prices.  Be sure that you have activated your Net ID to login with.
Remote Access VPN VPN lets you access University intranet sites and internal systems from an off-campus location using your Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as DSL or Cable internet services.
College Station VPN To use the College Station VPN service anyone with a NetID and password can set themselves up for VPN access through the C.S. Firewall and onto the College Station network.  For instructions on setting up a College Station VPN account please click on the link and select your operating system.