How to Print


In order to improve printing on campus Information Services has implemented a print release system called Pharos.  This system will improve the printing experience on campus and help eliminate print waste.  We decided to make this change primarily based on comments we received from students and student government in regard to current printing problems in the labs.  First, let us address how this solution will change the printing experience and address the concerns we’ve received in the past.  Then, we will explain a bit more about how printing in the labs will change. 


  1. The new system will eliminate multiple jobs being sent to a single printer simultaneously.  In the past this has caused print jams and general printer errors as the additional jobs become too large for an individual printer’s memory to store.
  2. This will also prevent the same job from being sent to multiple printers. 
  3. Since everyone will go to a release station to print their job it will be easier to tell which printers are the busiest and you can choose to print your documents where the wait will be the shortest.
  4. You will now be able to print your job from any lab on campus to any release station on campus.  For example, if the LRC was busy you could still send your print job to the server.  Then you could go to any open computer lab on campus and use the release station to print your job.
  5. We will also enable you to send print jobs to the server from your own computers.  There will be a small application to install on your computer to enable this functionality and it works on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
  6. We will now be able to track print usage for each person and every device.  This will tell us the average number of pages each person prints as well as the average pages printed on each device within the different labs. This way we can better estimate our future needs for equipment and supplies as our university grows.


  1. Print your document as you would normally from whatever application you’re using (e.g. Firefox, Microsoft Word).
  2. Choose either TAMUG B&W (for black and white) or TAMUG COLOR (GIS lab only).
  3. You will be prompted to enter your UIN and enter a name for your print job.  It’s a good idea to name it something that will identify it from anything else you may be printing. 
  4. Go to an available release station located near the printer and swipe your ID card.  This will confirm your entered UIN and you will see a list of the print jobs you named  according to your UIN.
  5. Select the document(s) you want to print and collect your document(s) from the chosen printer.

Information Services is always looking for new ways to improve computing on campus for all Aggies!