LRC & Computer Labs Printing Policy

Computer Freezes & Shutdowns

Computers in the following classrooms have been programmed to prevent the downloading of unauthorized software (LRC, MERC 242, CLB111, CLB114, and GIS Lab). This impacts the saving of items such as documents and presentations:

  • You must save your documents or work in a space called Thawspace with the drive letter F:
  • This will allow you to temporarily save your work.
    The files in this space will be deleted once a week. So, please remember to bring your removable disk or USB sticks to copy your work.
  • If you save anything, anywhere else on the Hard Drive except the F: drive and the computer is restarted or shut down, it will be deleted. THERE IS NO WAY TO RECOVER THESE FILES
  • Do not mess with the monitors.
    Do not change the volume levels of the computers

LRC/Lab Printing Policy

Policy - Students will be restricted from printing documents over 25 pages long and limited to printing a total of no more than 40 pages per day. Rather than implement an expensive and cumbersome system to track printing by student, TAMUG will initially issue this as a policy and students will be required to follow this policy. If this policy is not effective in controlling costs and reducing waste then a system for tracking and charging for excessive printer usage by student will be implemented.

Background - TAMUG has historically provided printers in the LRC and computer labs at no additional charge. TAMUG intends to continue to offer printers. In order to do so, a limit is being placed on the number of pages that a student may print. The number of printed pages had increased dramatically with an increasing percentage of this from often unnecessary printing of web pages and full-text database articles. Much of the paper used is being immediately placed in the recycling bin. The total cost of printing includes paper, toner and replacing printers.

Benefits - There are three primary benefits being achieved through the new Printing Policy:

  • Reduced Waste – Each day, thousands of sheets of paper are printed at TAMUG. All returning students will recognize that a large percentage of these end up in the recycling bin. This waste of paper and toner negatively impacts the environment.
  • Improved Services - The cost of providing printing services has been rising each year as has the number of individuals utilizing those services. These two factors have seriously strained the budgets of departments offering student printing as a service. 
  • Cost Avoidance – If the volume of printing continues to grow the Student Computer Use Fee will have to be increased to support this additional cost.