Maintaining Your Computer

There are numerous reasons why you may lose a connection while staying in the dorms or private housing. However, if you properly maintain your computer, you should be able to avoid these tedious complications and gain a better knowledge of how to handle your PC in the future. Please follow these simple steps to ensure that your computer remains in constant working order:

Install Anti-Virus Software
Student PC’s that connect to the TAMUG networks MUST be protected with anti-virus software. McAfee is available FREE to all students.

Please go to and follow the prompts to obtain your free copy. They will EMAIL a copy of the program to you at your Neo account, so we advise you save it to a CD or USB stick so you can access it later in case it needs to be reloaded.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Computers can only have ONE virus protector on them. So, if you download McAfee, make sure any other virus protector (i.e. Norton, F-Secure, etc) has been properly uninstalled from you computer before you install McAfee. It is necessary to check for updates for McAfee to ensure that the most current virus definitions are installed on your computer.

Microsoft Windows Updates
Microsoft is constantly releasing updates for your computer. These must be downloaded regularly in order to maintain your network connection. Without these updates, your computer will be vulnerable to security risks and virus invasions.

There are two way to obtain these updates.
One is to go to On the left side of the screen click on windows updates and it will automatically scan your computer for updates and report the recommended updates. Perform the critical updates.

The other is to turn on automatic updates. This option we recommend. In doing this you will get reminders that there are updates ready to install.

If you wish to perform Microsoft Office updates, you can obtain them by going to click the "Office Update" link on the left hand side and follow the prompts. However, Office updates are not critical to maintain your network connection. CIS suggests checking for these updates at least twice a month to ensure your computer is fully updated and protected.

Install Anti-Spyware

Use Ad-Aware, Spybot, or  run Stinger regularly.

                2. Do not download programs if you do not know what they are.
                3. Visit this page for information on how to protect your computer plus links for downloads

•Many free programs, especially peer to peer, also contain adware or spyware, and may cause your internet connection to fail.