Computer Practices

1. Save Often!!! The power goes out unexpectedly. 
2.  Save Multiple Copies – Documents and files get corrupted. Make sure you keep multiple copies of each file/document. I recommend a naming convention like MyPaper_1-1-07, MyPaper_1-1-07a, MyPaper_1-3-07, MyPaper_1-3-07a, MyPaper_010307, etc.

3.  Put Your Name On It!!

4.  Never Trust A Floppy Disk ALWAYS have a copy on the F: Drive ‘THAWSPACE’, another floppy, or a USB Stick. Many times a semester we have the sad task of telling a student that their paper, which they had on a single floppy or USB stick, is GONE FOREVER because the floppy disk died or USB stick failed. The most recent was 5 minutes ago.  

5.  Never Leave Stuff On The LRC or Lab Computers – and expect it to be there when you return. If a lost item is found please bring it immediately to the police station.

6.  Don't Forget Your Floppy or USB Stick in a PC - and expect it to be there, with your files still on it, when you return. If you do lose one of these items please check the last place you remember having it and the police station. If a lost item is found bring it immediately to the police station.  It will make it easier to return if it has your name on it.  

7.  Practice Safe Computing
                  a.    Have an anti-virus program on your computer
                  b.   Keep up with Operating System Updates!
                  c.   Don’t open email or attachments that look suspicious
                  d.   Your machine in the dorms or private housing becomes infected; it will be disabled until the machine is cleaned.
                        To clean the machine, you need to call the Helpdesk (x4480) or pick up a “Student Support CD” in either,
                        A-Dorm Lobby, the LRC, or CLB 115.  

8.  Saving In MS Works when saving in  MS Works, go to ‘File’ then ‘Save As,’ NOT ‘Save.’ Change the ‘File Type’ to ‘.doc’, ‘.ppt’, ‘.rtf’, or ‘.xls’. DO NOT save it as a ‘.wps’ type file.

 We won’t be able to retrieve it.     

                     ANY FILE THAT CAN GET LOST, WILL GET LOST…….. Especially if it’s the only copy of a term paper.