Phone Use Policy

Telephones At Tamug Are For Business Use
In order to minimize improper phone use the TAMUG administration is going to do the following: 

1.   Change all access codes for long distance.  If your phone is not restricted from long distance calls this will not affect you.  You may only use access codes issued to you.  NEVER share your access code with anyone else.  Each individual will be held accountable for use of their access number.  If a new person joins your department/unit who needs long distance access, contact IS so we can issue a new number.  Department/Unit Heads must approve access numbers.

2.   Institute additional monitoring for exceptions.  IS will run monthly reports to identify telephone calls typical of unauthorized calls.  These reports will be forwarded to the appropriate department/unit for review, verification, and appropriate disciplinary action.

3.   Remind everyone of the limitations on phone usage.  Generally phones at TAMUG are for business usage only. 

A.  There is a limited exception for incidental use of University owned telephones.  This allows limited use of the phone for personal use as long as it incurs no additional cost, is for limited time, and not connected with an outside business. 

B.   On the occasion when it is necessary for an employee to make a personal long distance call from a University telephone, a personal calling card or third-party charge should be used. Operator assisted long-distance calls may be charged to University telephones only when the call is related to University business.

C.   The complete rule can be viewed at

D.   Using TAMUG phones for personal long distance calls without using your personal telephone credit card or third party billing can be a Criminal Offense-Theft of Service.

4.      Require all new employees to acknowledge their familiarity with phone use  guidelines in writing.

5.      There are similar limits on use of TAMUG owned computers.  The complete rule can be viewed at -

In addition to the above measures, the following university rules should be adhered to by TAMUG departments and units: TAMU Rule 33.04.99.M1 - 2. MONITORING

2.1 Each department or unit head should designate an individual who should review all telephone and fax charges in order to identify billing errors or unauthorized calls.
This review should be routinely performed; the review should be documented; and the telephone bills should be maintained in the department in accordance with the University
record retention policy. For telephone or fax lines that are not assigned to an individual, management should consider maintaining a log of the calls made or restricting access to use.