IS Responsibilities

For better support, IS tracks and logs our helpdesk calls. It is recommended you call the helpdesk at (409) 740-4714 or email helpdesk at Once your problem is logged into our system, the appropriate staff member will look into your request and will follow up on your request. 

If you have any special needs or projects that fall outside of the services listed, feel free to contact us via email or phone. Our frontdesk staff will direct your request to the appropriate staff member who will get in touch with you. 

If you put in a call that isn't resolved at the end of three working days or you do not hear from us, please give us a call 409-740-4714 to follow up.

Helpdesk Services

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

Network Services - Rob Gatlin

  • Network Management
  • Wireless Network
  • VPN support

Voice and Data / Information Security - Tony Quigg

  • Information Security and Incident Reporting
  • Voice/Data Telephone/Voicemail
  • Unix/Linux
  • Server Administration

Email / Department File Share Area - Bob Scribner

  • Server Administration
  • Webmaster / CMS Publisher "Cascade Management System" Webpages
  • Department File Share Drives: Enrollment Services Databases
  • TAMUG Email
  • Backup Systems

TTVN - Regina DeLao-Daniels, CAP

  • Schedules TTVN
  • Coordinator

Classrooms and Labs - Danny Aaron

    • Seven Computer Labs: CLB 109, 111, LRC/LIB 126, PMEC 242, SAGC 600
    • General Classrooms located in: CLB, KH, PMEC, MART, OCSB, SAGC, PE
    • Six Audio Visual TTVN Classrooms: 
      • CLB 112 - Site code: GVC112
      • LIB 108b - Site code: GVL108
      • OCSB 200 - Site code: GVO200
      • OCSB 340 - Site code:GVO340
      • SAGC 304 - Site code: GVSRES
      • SAGC 601 - Site code: GVSMOB

    Engineering Department CAD Labs are handled/maintained by MASE Lab Coordinator: Cory Froelich

Application Services

  • Housing CBORD, Food Service CBORD - Bob Scribner
  • TutorTrac - Bob Scribner
  • HMS Odyssey (Housing) Client SW, PCS Food Service Card Swipe Client SW, Onestep - Client Software, Food Service Card Reader - Danny Aaron
  • Microsoft Access Support, Astra, Compass Download for ID Card, Compass Support - Brendan Maloney
  • Compass / EM Support - Kelly Angel

Research and Teaching - Bill Elizondo and Gerald Hughes

  • Research and Teaching
  • eLearning