Copyright Laws

Students need to know that they can lose their Internet access or get slapped with a costly copyright infringement lawsuit if they aren’t careful about uploading and downloading files using programs like Kazaa and Bittorrent.

Students are warned that the RIAA aggressively monitors file transfers and has filed civil lawsuits against individual file sharers. Many cases have settled for a $3,000 penalty. The RIAA routinely monitors TAMUG for suspected violations.

Duplicating copyrighted materials without permission or consent from the manufacturer is illegal. Unlawful use of the CD/DVD Burners installed on the lab, LRC, or any University owned computers is a violation of copyright law.

We hold no liability for the illicit use of this equipment; you are solely responsible for your actions.

For more info see the following website on copyright laws:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

Be smart - keep this in mind while you use the PC’s.

IMPORTANT - what you need to know about file sharing:

Alternative Legal Content Providers: Alternative Sites For Legal Downloads