Guidelines for Aggnews Announcements

Aggnews Definition

Aggnews announcements are sent to faculty, staff and students or any combination of these groups.  Aggnews are timely, brief and relevant email announcements concerning the Texas A&M Galveston campus that are distributed to all faculty and staff through the Sea Aggie Daily and to students via Student Activities.  These notices are an excellent communication tool for publicizing important events and achievements as well as unifying the campus community.

Aggnews Announcements should be sent to  They will be screened by Student Activities.  In the first line of your aggnews email please note if your announcement is for faculty, staff, students or a combination of these groups.  The messages will be sorted by Student Activities and sent out for students or sent to be in the Sea Aggie Daily for faculty and staff. 

Those for faculty and staff will be forwarded to the Marketing and Communications Department (marcom) to be published in The Sea Aggie Daily faculty, staff e-newsletter from Monday through Friday.  Text deadline for the next morning's edition of the Sea Aggie Daily is 3 p.m. for text and 2 p.m. for graphics and pictures on the afternoon before the announcement is to be posted.  Please include at the end of your Aggnews email announcement your name, title and department. 

If you have questions about announcements for students, contact Student Activities representatives Joe Hoff or Shelly Fordyce  Send questions, corrections and comments about the Sea Aggie Daily to

Urgent Announcements: Announcements that need to be sent as soon as possible may be sent to  It is helpful to notify Student Activities representatives Joe Hoff (4472) and Shelly Fordyce (4427) by phone that an urgent message is waiting.  If student announcements are time sensitive, they can be distributed via the Howdy Portal, a bulletin board or other publications.

Series Announcements: Student Aggnews announcements will only be sent once.  If a faculty/staff announcement needs to be sent as a series, please note on the submission’s first line if you want the item repeated daily.  Items that require repeating, but not daily, must be submitted one at a time for each day.