Our Commitment

We, in Information Services, have a major role in the successful functioning of Texas A&M University at Galveston. We are involved in every aspect of the teaching/learning and business functions of the institution. With the responsibility come certain expectations for our behavior. These expectations are, in general, normal, correct, socially accepted behaviors.

The following lists some general guidelines for our interaction with the community (students, faculty, and staff.) These are expectations I will hold for myself and for the staff.     
  • We must have a strong commitment to our customers by providing excellent service.
  • We must be courteous to and considerate of the general university population and of our coworkers.
  • We must treat each individual with dignity and respect.
  • We must be dependable and responsible in the use of work time.
  • We must use with integrity the information and technology resources available to us.

I would welcome discussion of the above, or any other topics regarding the organization, its management or functions, with you. I encourage you to bring concerns and question to your direct supervisor, or me, at the earliest, most convenient, opportunity.

Steven M. Conway
Director of Information Services
Texas A&M University at Galveston