IS Responsibilities

For better support, IS tracks and logs our helpdesk calls.  It is recommend you call the front helpdesk at 409-740-4480 or 409 740 4714 or email initially; to ensure your problem is logged in our helpdesk system.  Once logged, the appropriate staff member will have a chance to look into your request and will give you a call back to complete, and follow up on your request.


Helpdesk Services

Please feel free to call Helpdesk
409-740-4480 or 409-740-4714

Office Hours: M-F 8a - 5p


Network Services - Rob Gatlin

  • Network Management

  • Wireless Network 


Voice and Data - Tony Quigg

  • Backup CMS Publisher

  • Voice/Data Telephone

  • Voicemail

  • Unix/Linux

  • VPN supportn

  • Server Administration


Email /
Dept. File Share Area  - Bob Scribner

  • Server Administration

  • Webmaster / CMS Publisher "Cascade Management System" Webpages

  • Dept. File Share Drives: Enrollment Services Databases

  • TAMUG Email

  • Backup systems

Labs and Classrooms - Danny Aaron
  • 7 Computer Labs  CLB109, 111, 114, LRC/LIB 126,  PMEC242, SAGC600,

  • General Classrooms located in these buildings:  CLB, KH, PMEC, MART, OCSB, SAGC, PE

  • 6 Audio Visual TTVN Classrooms:

    • CLB112-site code: GVC112

    • LIB108b-site code: GVL108

    • OCSB200-site code: GVO200

    • OCSB340-site code: GVO340

    • SAGC304-site code: GVSRES

    • SAGC601-site code:GVSMOB

  • MASE CAD Labs  (Handled/Maintained by MASE Lab Coordinator: Cory Froelich   Maritime Systems Engineering (MASE)   Tech Lab Coordinator   B#3002   R#108   741-4398


Application Services

  • Housing CBORD, Food Service CBORD   - Bob Scribner

  •  TutorTracBob Scribner

  • HMS Odyssey (Housing) Client SW, PCS Food Service Card Swipe Client SW, Onestep - Client Software,Food Service Card Reader - Daniel Aaron

  • Microsoft Access Support, Astra, Compass Download for ID Card, Compass Support - Brendan Maloney

  • Compass / EM support- Kelly Angel

Research and Teaching    -  Bill Elizondo & Gerald Hughes

  •  Research and Teaching, eLearning 

If you have special needs or projects that fall outside the services listed please feel free to contact us via email:

Our frontdesk staff will direct your email to the appropriate staff member who will get back in touch with you.  If you put in a call that isn't resolved at the end of three working days or you do not hear from us, please give us a call 409-740-4714 to follow up.