Ceremony Logistics


  1. Plan to arrive one half hour before the start of the ceremony.
  2. When you arrive, bring your regalia and come to the robing room.

Seating Chart:

  1. You will be given (or shown) a copy of the seating chart.
  2. You will be seated by majors in alphabetical order. You will be placed in order while in the robing room.
  3. Each major will be led in by a faculty marshal.
  4. Please stay in order during the processional.
  5. Pay attention to who will begin a new row. If you are the first person in a row just lift or remove the ribbons reserving the row and proceed to the end.


  1. The processional will be led by the Executive Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer (CAO).
  2. The CAO will be followed by the remaining members of the stage party.
  3. The stage party are followed by the faculty (department heads and any others who are not acting as faculty marshals), then by your faculty marshals and then the graduates.
  4. The processional center from the rear of the facility proceeding past the audience to the front of the event space.
  5. The stage party will continue onto the stage, the faculty will turn left into their reserved rows.  Graduates and faculty marshals will turn right into additional reserved rows.

Standing En Masse:

  1. Please pay careful attention to the program and those speaking from the podium for your cues.
  2. When you are unsure as to whether to stand, take your cue from the stage party. If the Stage Party is standing, then you should as well. 

Distribution of Diplomas:

  1. During the conferring of diplomas, graduates are asked to rise and come forward by degrees.
  2. Each group should move to the area right of the stage (as you face it).
  3. Move in groups of 1 row at a time and stay in order.
    • The faculty marshal will remain with the graduates until the first person for that major enters the stage, at which point the marshal moves to the “hand-shaking position” where s/he is joined by the department head or representative.
    • Graduates are to wait at the bottom of the stage steps for their name to be called.
  4. The COO will hand the diploma to the graduate from their left hand and extend the right to shake hands. The diplomashould be taken with the left hand.
  5. Your hand and diploma will not be released until the photographer has taken the photo.  Please stand still and face the photographer.
  6. Proceed across the stage and shake hands with each person standing in the line. (Generally, system representatives, members of the Board of Regents, and/or others from the stage party may be a part of the line.)
  7. After exiting the stage, stop at the flags for a second photograph.  Remain until the photographer has completed this photograph.  Pick up the informatonal card with instructions on accessing your photo online.

Returning to your seat:

  1. Return to the same row after exiting the stage. The idea is to keep everything moving smoothly and gracefully and to prevent people from passing in front of each other obscuring the audience's view of the stage.
  2. It is not important that you end up in the exact same seat.

Graduate Degrees:

  1. Graduate degrees are awarded first.
  2. If you are receiving a graduate degree, please hand your hood to one of the stage organizers in the student robing area upon arrival prior to the ceremony.
  3. When the graduate is called onto the stage, hooding is completed prior to being handed the diploma.
  4. The hooding is usually done by the graduate advisors. If you have someone in particular you wish to hood you, please let Amie Hufton, huftona@tamug.edu , know as soon as possible.

Licensing and Commissioning:

  1. The licensing and commissioning portion of the ceremony is the only part of the ceremony wherea graduate may have to excuse themselves to get out of the middle of a row. The cadet must return to the same seat following this portion of the ceremony.
  2. The cadets will be called onto the stage for the licensing oath as a group.
    • Cadets - line up in the area indicated by the Corps Commander, at a slight angle facing both the podium and the audience with 6-9 to a row.
    • Taller graduates as asked to stand in the rear and shorter ones in the front if there are a sufficient number to merit more than one row.
  3. Upon completion of the oath each cadet’s name will be called.
    • Step forward, receive an envelope, and shake hands with the officer who administered the oath.
    •  Proceed shaking hands with the person calling your name, and the MARAD  representative, if present, before returning to your seat.
  4. Cadets being commissioned should remain on stage but move toward the rear.
    • Following licensing, cadets being commissioned will be called forward (this will include those who are receiving a commission but not a license).
    • The Officer in Charge of Naval Science will administer the commissioning oath.
  5. At the conclusion of the licensing and commissioning portion of the ceremony all cadets should have returned to their original seats with the other graduates.


  1. At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone will stand for the playing of the Aggie War Hymn.
  2. The Recessional will follow the singing portion of the Aggie War Hymn in the following order:
    • The CAO leads the Reception
    • The stage party follows the CAO
    • The faculty will follow the stage party
    • Graduates follow the faculty out of the event space.

After all graduates have recessed out, everyone is free to return and join their family and friends.

General Information:

  1. Please remind your family and friends to avoid blocking the view of other guests in the audience if they must get up and take photographs during the ceremony.
  2. Photographs can be ordered from the event photographers approximately a week after the ceremony. The photographer contact information can be found on the commencement webpage.
  3. When greeted with Howdy, please respond enthusiastically.
  4. Your tassel goes on the right prior to receiving your diploma. You may move it to the left afterward as you exit the stage and before you take the photo. Do not move your tassel as you are walking down the stairs from the stage.